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Each story has two sides. I care about your side. We will tell your story so others can see things your way.

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I have helped residents in Collin and Dallas counties and cities like Dallas, McKinney, Richardson, Addison, Garland, Murphy, Mesquite, Allen, Frisco. Sometimes I go to Kaufman County as well. You have worked hard to build your life. Each day is precious. We know this. We also know what great responsibility it is to help you protect your freedom, your children and your property. I give a voice to people who are fighting for their children, their property and their finances. I vigorously defend people accused of family violence and driving while intoxicated.


Although divorce is the end of one thing, it is the beginning of another. Before that can happen, you must divide up your belongings and assets. If you are unable to work it out, you can go to mediation. With a good mediator, you stand a good chance of making a good deal and staying out of court. A good mediator just helps foster an agreement, they do not make judgments.

On the other hand, there are times when issues just have to be hashed out in court. If you need your day in court, our Addison family attorney can do that. Most cases involving children need temporary orders in place while the case is pending. These are orders for custody, child support, and control of property, like the marital home. As the case is filed, a temporary order hearing is set. It usually takes place in two weeks from filing. If your custody or divorce case goes to trial after temporary orders, you actually get more than just your one day in court.

Texas is a community property state. Property acquired during the marriage belongs to both spouses. This also means at the beginning of the case, all property on the table is presumed to belong to both spouses. If you own separate property, you have to prove it. As for debt, not all debts have to be shared amongst the spouses. We will examine each situation individually.

Depending on a spouse’s situation and the length of the marriage, a spouse may be eligible to receive spousal maintenance.


In a Texas custody case, you are fighting over where your child will primarily live, child support, visitation and who gets to call the shots.

Texas custody cases are driven by what is in the child’s best interest. This is a wide open concept. Judges have a wide amount of latitude. Unless the child is in danger, the judge looks at many parts of the child’s life to decide who gets to determine the child’s primary residence. Who has been taking care of the child? Who gets the child to school, clothes them, feeds them, takes them to the doctor? Who can name all of the child’s teachers and doctors and friends?

If family violence has occurred, this affects what rights the offender will have as to the child and what kind of access they will get.

The facts needed to win your case are within you. As your Addison family lawyer, I just need to get them out. In the beginning of my representation, we will spend some time together so I not only learn your story, but get a sense of who you are and where you are coming from. Then we build your case.

  • 125K

    Approximate number of divorce cases handled per year

  • 4.7

    Is the divorce rate per 1000 residences

  • 4/10

    Parents are forced to pay child support

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We work for the best possible outcome for all of our clients. That means answering every question and returning phone calls promptly, ensuring our clients are informed, enabling them to make the best decisions in their matter

We understand the burden of family responsibilities in legal matters.

The divorce process can be most unpleasant. The split-up of a family is sad. Then again, marriage is hard work that requires sacrifice. Not everyone is willing to work hard and not everyone comes into a marriage with a “pure heart, good conscience and sincere faith.”

I like to find an affordable and quick way to get a divorce or custody case done. I have witnessed many divorces that were expensive because the parties wanted to just get even in the courtroom. This makes attorneys a lot of money. I do not find satisfaction in practicing family law this way. I like to inform people what the law is and help them get through a divorce as quickly as possible. The money spent on a drawn-out divorce case can be better spent on starting a new life.

On the other hand, if the other side will not be reasonable, we will certainly stand our ground. I am currently taking divorce cases and custody cases in Dallas County only. For family law cases, going local is your best bet. I enjoy advising people, so give me a call for more specific information. I can do a brief consultation at no charge and a more detailed look at your situation for a small fee. (972) 422-1292.